Vimāna in the Land of the Nirvana, UFOs Over India


Gurudatt Shenoy


Though UFOs are a big deal today in the US and elsewhere, it seems in ancient times thousands of years back, South Asia was a hot bed of UFO activity.

According to Dr.V. Raghavan, who was once headed the department studying the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit at a prestigious Indian University, claims that India was visited by Aliens from outer space. This was his conclusion after studying these ancient literatures for more than 50 years.

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According to the Indian scholar, there are too many accounts of flying machines called “Vimāna”, sci-fi weapons and weapons of mass destruction in the ancient Indian texts called the Vedas dated more than 4,000 B.C; from diverse sources.

Additionally there is literature that describes how these machines were built and how some of them could only fly in the atmosphere and others could engage in inter stellar travel.

The “Ramayana” which is considered as the “Bible for most Indians”, describes the flying car called the “Pushpaka Vimāna” that could fly through mind control.

Another ancient epic, the “Mahabharata” describes similar flying chariots and vehicles that are described as resembling what one would infer as “Missiles” flying around, as armies’ battle in this ancient war.

More recently, archeologists from the Indian state of Chhattisgarh have discovered some cave paintings that are dated more than 10,000 years back which remarkably show men in space suits.



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