268. Free Show: Chris Lambright

Bonus Full Show, Alejandro Rojas is traveling to the Devil’s Tower Rendezvous, longtime UFO researcher, Chris Lambright discusses where UFO cases have led him over the many years including the Paul Bennewitz Case, and Ray Stanford’s films, and Ray himself calls in during hour two. If you like hearing the full shows such as this free sample and would like to support us for $2 or more per month, (or yearly payment options), please click https://podcastufo.com/support-the-show


63. Philip Mantle, Once Upon A Missing Time

mantleUFO News Roundup, then an interview with a UFO researcher Philip Mantle about his new book, Once Upon A Missing Time. This book is a fiction novel, based on years of abduction research. Philip discusses the similarities of the US and UK abduction experience accounts and much more.  Find his book here.


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60. Grant Cameron

Geekation_CAMERON-325x205UFO News Round-Up, then an interview with Grant Cameron who received the 2103 researcher of the year award at the International UFO Congress. Grant discusses his new book: UFOs, Area 51, and Government Informants and various controversies of his long stint in the UFO field. Check out: http://www.presidentialufo.com

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