129. Robert Salas

maxresdefaultCheck the Show Notes for a contest to win iPad, Alejandro Rojas with the news and guest Robert Salas talks about what it was like when a glowing red UFO took down nukes in 1967 and more. Check out Roberts website with his latest book: spiralgalaxy.org

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58. Robert Hastings, UFOs & Nukes

roberthastings Show Notes: UFO News Round-up, a clip from Star Stuff and an in depth interview with Robert Hastings. Robert discusses the UFOs & Nukes phenomena, his upcoming movie, as well as working with Jaime Maussan on a Spanish speaking film on the subject. Check out: ufohastings.com

Episode 19. Robert Hastings, UFOs & Nukes

Show Notes: In 39 years of research, Robert Hastings has explored the documentation and interviewed 130 witnesses of the phenomena of UFOs hoovering over and sometimes tampering with nuclear arms, worldwide.

Author of UFOs and Nukes, check out: ufohastings.com Full video of the Disclosure Conference at the National Press Club, 2010.




Show Notes, Robert Hastings, Episode 19.

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Martin: I have lecturer, and author of UFOs And Nukes, Robert Hastings on the line with me. How you doing, Robert?

Robert Hastings: I’m doing fine, thank you.

Martin: I was excited to have you on because I had an insurance broker, years ago, that claimed he was in a special task force in the Air Force that investigated UFOs. He claimed that they were around nuclear warheads and tampered with them, sometimes, but he also said that they were seen during the Conflict in Vietnam when there was napalming, firestorming. Have you ever heard anything about that?

Robert: Well, I have to say that that information, as presented, is vague enough that it’s difficult for me to comment in any kind of detail. It is known, of course, that UFOs have been sited near nuclear weapons sites. I’ve devoted thirty–nine years to proving that point through my interviews and document analyses. We can get into that in a moment. It is known, regarding Vietnam, that, at one point, a high–ranking General George Brown, who was noted for being outspoken and probably putting his foot in his mouth, from time to time, mentioned, at a press conference, that a UFO was sited above the Gulf Of Tonkin during the war. I forget the exact date – I think in sixty–eight or sixty–nine, and that, actually, there was a task force of both American and Australian ships near, and fire was directed toward the object, which did not hit it, but one of the American rounds did land on the American – on, an Australian, rather, destroyer, damaging it, and all of that was openly admitted by this General Brown before he got less talkative in the days, thereafter. There are, certainly, other reports of UFOs above the DMZ, the Demilitarized Zone. As far as is publicly known, we had no nuclear weapons in Vietnam. We may have had them on board ships off the coast. So, again, not knowing the details of this gentleman’s story it’s really difficult for me to comment, further. My own interest in this particular topic, UFOs and nukes, began in nineteen sixty–seven. My father, Robert E. Hastings, was a Senior Master Sergeant in the Air Force. In sixty–six and sixty-seven he was stationed at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana, which was, then, and is, today, this – a nuclear missile base – Minuteman Missiles – and in March of that year there were incidents of reported UFO activity at some of the missile sites. He learned of that from personnel working in the SAGE Building, which was, basically, housing one of the world’s most sophisticated radar systems, and I, independently, learned of, at least, one UFO incursion near the base during my job as a janitor, after high school, at the base Air Traffic Control Tower. An FAA controller, working there, actually pointed out these five unknown targets, to me, one evening. I had developed something of a relationship with this gentleman over several months, and he just mentioned, in passing, that they were tracking unknowns or unidentifieds or UFOs, whatever term he used, and I, subesquently, learned from my father that these same objects were tracked at the SAGE building. So, that sparked my interest. I was, however, still a teenager – really couldn’t do much with that data, however, upon graduating from college – about a year later in nineteen seventy–three I came across news reports and references in a couple of books, by J. Allen Hynek and a researcher named Raymond Fowler, describing UFO activity at nuclear missile sites, including Malmstrom Air Force Base, and a bell went off. I realized that this tied in with what I had been told and what I’d learned previously some six years earlier, and, so I began seeking out and interviewing former and retired military personnel on this subject. Over the past thirty–nine years I have interviewed over one hundred and thirty of them – primarily Air Force personnel, some Navy, some Army personnel. Seven of those Air Force veterans participated in a press conference I held in Washington, D. C. at the National Press Club on September 27th, 2010 – a video that is available online – hopefully you can post a link to that. You and I can chat about that later. There are snippets available online. I have the full video as streamed live by CNN. In any case, those seven gentleman who participated in the press conference were describing incidents involving saucer–shaped objects hovering above their nuclear missiles whereupon the missiles malfunctioned, temporarily were inoperable, could not have been launched. Another of the officers described a UFO hovering above the weapons storage area – weapons depot at an Air Force base in England sending down laser–like beams into that facility. So, very dramatic stuff and if one chooses to read my book, which is available at my website – if one goes on Amazon and buys it you’ll pay scalper rates – you’ll pay three times what I charge at my website, or if one just chooses to read the many articles I posted at my website, ufohastings.com, one will find very detailed, documented information about all of this.

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