Update on Chilean UFO

The Chilean government agency always makes its cases public when an investigation is complete, and acknowledges the existence of UAP when a case merits such a conclusion.

SEE SOURCE OF STORY HERE: Huffingtonpost.com

Leslie Kean: www.ufosontherecord.com

Updated Story in the Huffington Post by Leslie Kean


Many of you know, Art Bell has hung it up, and that the network we broadcast live on was the network created for Art Bell’s return.  As of December 23rd the Dark Matter Digital Network will no longer host our live shows.

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The live stream player on the right sidebar will become active when the show becomes live. Off times, the player will play music by Kerry Lloyd Whitehouse who creates the music for our shows. The chat room will appear on every page of our website, 15 minutes before we go live.

The show will be played on the Dark Matter Digital Network, pre-recorded on Thursdays 9:00PM to 11:00PM.

Just come back here Wednesday evenings 8-10:00PM EST, join in the chat room if you choose or call in live at (603) 967-4030

We look at this as an opportunity, and will make this website more of a destination place for those who share our interests.

We will most likely start an additional show on everything other than UFOs in January, so stay tuned and check back.

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