3 Large Orbs

In 1992-93 there were three large orbs floating over my house at night around 830 with absolutely no noise  metallic. going west slowly they were just above the tree line,  A  30 foot diameter approximately as I watch them pass over my house directly above me the center orb slowly maneuvered underneath one of the side orb and took placement on the side of that orb, it became one then empty spot and then two more and before they went out of site that same orb circle behind  and took its center position placement back so that they were three in line again as they dropped out of sight absolutely no noise metallic reflective the lights on the ground were kind of reflecting off the outer Mirrored orb surface. I went inside not even thinking to tell anybody as my daughter was there with me the whole time asking me what they were she was six years old at the time, I have forgotten about that night for around 10 years. (note: image is a likeness)