Before the Phoenix Incident

“Im 48 and have had a lifetime of sightings and other things. will write more soon. but here’s a nice one,
Sometime in the 90’s MY wife and I and a friend watched a giant v shaped group of pale white light past overhead in Miami Fl then we saw another of the same a few seconds later moving in the same direction *due west*
just like the Phoenix object. I’m positive it was before 95′ they were very high up, it was still daylight out but i could not tell if it was one large object.
At the time I felt that it was.
this has not been reported anywhere before. I called Homestead Air force tower and was told it might have been a refueling operation.
lol! you couldn’t cover this thing with a wide open newspaper at arms length!
Hurricane Andrew tore up Homestead Air force base in late 92 so I think it was 91 to 93 when it happened.
I got photo’s of orange fireballs in 95 and reported that to Mary Margaret of Mufon at that time and she got negatives and photos. and there’s more.