When my daughter was a teenager and sleeping in a room adjacent to mine, one night I suddenly awoke and noticed that the power had gone out, I stepped into the hall and my daughter burst out of her room and said: “Did you see that”, I said “no but the power just went out and came back on” she told me she woke up and then looked out the window and saw a super bright light that lit the yard like daylight fly south just over the house really fast. It happened as the power went out, and she didn’t know why she looked out the window. She is now 27 and is back at home temporarily with my two grand daughters, last year, the the older one (turns 5 today) came to me one morning and said: “Papa last night I went up in the air with my friends and I could see our house from up in the sky” I was floored! She doesn’t watch anything on TV were she could ever get that idea never the less that concept for a 4 year old she was very matter of fact about it. I didn’t question her about it because I was shocked and didn’t know what to do. My wife instructed me not to tell our daughter, and you married guys you know if Mama ain’t happy, nobody is happy.