Grandfather‘s Encounter

I have a weird one.
My grandfather was a bomber pilot in the
infamous 509th bomb group in Roswell New Mexico.
My Mom and I stayed in my grandfather’s house
in El Paso Texas from about 1971 on .My very first memory
is my ONLY experience and it’s one that sounds very much like an abduction.
I was about 3-4 years old and my bedroom lit up
with a blue light and what looked like miniature cartoon characters
we’re moving about my room. I can still visualize it somewhat.
It’s the only memory I have besides the final being back in my bed with
giant black almond eyes right up against my forehead and a loud
rushing sound. I also remember a large white head attached to the black eyes.That was it..From elementary on I was interested in Near Death Experiences for some reason and in about 4th grade clearly remember checking out books by Dr Raymond Moody on NDE’s along with UFO books.
I have been fascinated with both subjects ever since although I didnt realize my first memory was maybe UFO related until much later in life.
My grandfather was a career Air Force pilot and ended up in retiring a Lt Col . He was my father figure and having just retired we spent most of my youth together.
I would ask him all the time about UFO’s and he would tell me there was nothing to it. As a matter of fact I asked for 38 years and he always said
the same thing.Then in 2012 at 88 years old and about a year before he died with health failing I asked one more time.This time he said “Well do you really want to know?” My brother was there and looked as shocked as i did hearing this, but we both said YES !!
Instead of saying anything
I asked again, Are some UFO’s alien craft ? I had learned to phrase it
more correctly because hardcore officers don’t give up anything without the question being perfect . (Col John B Alexander cones to mind) But instead of the usual dismissals this time he nodded a very solemn
“YES”. We were floored because he was quite serious .
That’s it..
All my life I have looked up hoping to see something but have never seen
ANYTHING I couldn’t disprove to my own liking.
Weird life never seeing anything except my first memory perhaps being an odd encounter,but I believed something is visiting .
I believe you Martin and your hot tub UFO.
But few believe this type of story so I never relay it.
My grandfather was real he can be easily verified because he’s the pilot
who’s plane accidentally dropped a hydrogen bomb near Albuquerque in the mid 1950’s .Lt Col Richard J Meyer (although he was Captain Meyer in the 50’s)