Happened in Botswana in the Okavango Delta

This incident has been reported to MUFON and I spoke to a MUFON representative. The MUFON rep/investigator after figuring distance and other factors determined the object  had to be the size of a 737 plane.
Unfortunately I have no video no photos. There is a reason for this. Two years ago I was in Botswana Africa in the Okavango Delta staying in a small water/land based camp. Its the middle of nowhere. There is nothing there but wetlands and wild life.
I was walked back to my tent around 8:30 PM by staff. The night is dangerous because of wild animals so I had to be walked back. The sky was totally clear and beautiful because of the clear air. After getting back I decided to enjoy the night sky. I could hear monkeys and baboons calling. I also could hear hippos moving around in the water. Looking at the sky I had a sudden thought,  “what if I saw a UFO right now?” I was surprised because though I have always been interested in the subject I had absolutely no reason to have such a thought. However, approx 5 minutes later I noticed something out of sorts. It was a moving light. It was oval shaped and yellow-white in color. It pulsed. Every 3 seconds it pulsed. I determined it was no known object but I kept trying to make sense out of it. The object moved in a descending manner from right to left. It then suddenly make a sharp 90 degree turn down to the delta. This startled me as I realized it was an unusual maneuver for whatever the heck it was. I then thought it was gone until approximately 5 seconds later there was burst of brilliant light in the tree tops directly across my tent. It was approx 1000 feet out in a direct line from my tent to the tree tops. It was behind the trees and I could not see the shape nor the size because of the incredible darkness surrounding me. There is nothing there at night. No boats, no planes, nothing. The night in the Delta belongs to the animals living there. The camp is small, no more than 8 tents that are well spaced from one another. Everyone retires early to bed. Whatever the object was it was silent and remained in the tree top. Ever 3 seconds a strong, brilliant light pulsed.
The light was like a giant flashlight lighting up the trees horizontally. The light did not shine vertically.
I could feel the hair on my arms standing straight up as I had another weird thought pop into my head. I thought, “it’s here because of me”. I then laughed as I thought, “where the hell did that come from?”
Looking at the trees I could not see the actual object. There was no sound. I then realized something unusual. All the animals meaning the hippos, monkeys, etc. were dead quiet. The delta became quiet. Its during the night that animals come out and can be loud. This time it was quiet.  Furthermore I felt dopey, like I could not think clearly. My camera was 10 feet away from me but I could not react nor think to get it. I watched this every 3 second pulsing white light for approx 8 minutes. I kept trying to figure things out but couldn’t think clearly.
After approx 8 minutes I felt compelled to go to bed and found as I lay down the light to still be there. I immediately fell asleep which is highly out of the ordinary for me. I remember thinking “its still there. I have to sleep”.
The next morning I took a photo of the trees where this object was. I was incredulous as I could believe or understand my behavior. I could not understand how I could immediately go to sleep with an unknown object outside my tent in the trees. I could not understand why I did not move to get my camera or even my phone.
The behavior I had exhibited the previous night was out of character for me.
I asked the people at breakfast, “did anyone see an unidentifiable light last night?” I got strange looks as people said “no”. I was asked to explain but felt uncomfortable and stopped.
As I left Botswana a few days later I got a nagging feeling of there being something more but I could not grasp it. This feeling stayed with me until I got an MRI.
I received MRI’s before which for me is not unusual. I never had a problem with them.
During the MRI (which emits different sounds) there was one sound which set me into a dead state of panic. I had a flashback to a memory. I want to say I have always been a skeptic of the alien abduction phenomena. Except for Travis Walton I have not read about abductions and was wary of people claiming to have been abducted.
In the flashback I saw myself on a table. At the foot of the table were some beings. They were not directly at the foot rather they were standing at a back wall. I could only see them partially as the table was raised. I could not move my arms or legs. I could not get up from the table. I could only partially move my head. My head was sorta held in place by a device from the ears up. I was screaming, yelling, “no, no please don’t do this” over and over. I screamed, “please let me go”.
I got a sudden feeling of immense pressure in my head. Behind me and on either side of the table were two other beings. They were different from the others in that they were taller and had a different color.
The shorter ones, though I could see only part of their head I knew were approx 3 and a half-4 ft tall while the other guys manipulating the thing on my head were taller, approx 5 ft or more. These guys were dark brown while the shorter ones were grey.
During the panic I did what I could to stay focused on the here and now. As I came out of the tube there was a large white light on above my head. I almost became panicked again.
After this I had sudden images pop into my head of the taller beings. At the time I dismissed them. I wish now I had not since I can no longer exact details of how they looked. I do know their heads were like ours but they had no ears and had flat facial features. I have not read about alien or alien types.
The MUFON guy sent me an abduction questionnaire. I was surprised by many of my positive responses. This in turn caused me to reflect on prior partial memories. I try to be careful of these memories because I understand how all to easy it is to fill in what you cannot fully recall.
I understand now that this was not my first time. Needless to say I will listen openly when someone claims to have been abducted. I will not be as dismissive as I have been before.
After watching MRI videos on YouTube I finally found the specific sound I heard in the MRI tube that caused the flashback.
I know this specific sound was similar enough to have caused the flashback. I am sure the sound was related to the whatever the device was that was on my head.
One thing about the alien beings that stood out for me was the impression I got from them that is, not at all one of hostility but rather one of strict clinical detachment.