I-57 UFO Sighting 2006

I was one of those people that didn’t believe in ufo sightings and I especially didn’t believe when people said they were abducted. I am also fearful of coming forward – fearing people would call us liars. But after reading through the posts and listening to the podcasts I feel comfortable enough to tell what we saw. I am sorry I don’t have a pic or exact dates. Here is what happened to my husband and I. We were traveling from Chicago to Kentucky where we recently built a log home. Due to changes in our work schedules we decided to take long weekends to visit our new home which we were in the processing of furnishing. We left Chicago around 6:00 pm. We rarely stop to eat when we take these trips but this time we ran into a McDonalds around 7:00 pm and grabbed a quick bite. We had the dog in the truck so we didn’t want to leave him in there even though it wasn’t hot and the windows were open. We gassed up and got back on I-57. It was a late summer / early fall and we still had a couple hours of daylight. We estimated arriving at our cabin around 3:00 am. It was around 2:00 am and I was driving. It was pitch black. Black in front and black behind us. There was absolutely no one on the road – not even a semi. We were more worried about a deer jumping in front of us so I was going just under the speed limit. We had our dog Austin in the back. He usually hangs right behind the driver’s seat. I heard him moving around and turned my head to see what was going on. He was now behind the passenger seat and looking at the largest thing we had ever seen in our lives. It was oval and brightly illuminated. It had to be the size of a football field. My husband and I were shocked. He thought it might be military. I knew this nothing military. It followed us for miles. I had a new phone. It was not a smart phone and I tried desperately to call 911. We could not get a dial tone. We both tried getting it to take a pic but it was frozen. It was new so I thought maybe I was doing something wrong. This thing was so close to the ground and it was so bright. There were no windows or markings. I would say it followed us for 20 minutes if not longer. When we came to a section where we went left it stay along the other road and went to the right maybe that was to St. Louis – not sure. We were relieved. We talked about stopping and decided to keep going. When we got to the cabin we talked about what to do and we decided to keep this to ourselves because who was going to believe us. No pics or proof – just our word.