Large White Cylinder, Daytime

Image rendition from article linked below

Yesterday I was out putting out grass seed, no power since Friday morning due to a nasty ice storm.
sky was a beautiful clear blue, I guess it was about 3pm and I just happened to look east above the trees saw what I thought was a large Airliner many miles away.
it looked like a long white cylinder. then I notice it had a dark area in the middle and couldn’t see wings or a tail fin. I yelled at my son who was up on the deck to look, he couldn’t find it so i ran up to him because it had started to got through the very top of the trees, and I was pointing at where it should be, winter here so just thin branches and poof it was gone!
it was moving north at about the speed of a high altitude airplane so I should have been able to watch it for several more minutes but it was just gone. that’s when I realized that I just had another daytime sighting. I heard nothing, the first thing that made me notice it was that it was very bright and had no contrail. my impression is that it was longer than a large airliner and only 10k to 20k in altitude. I watched it move at a slow steady speed horizontally for about 5 to 7 seconds before I said anything to my son.
He and I both found it odd that he couldn’t see it.

Found this the other day, guy seems to have seen same object I saw in March: