Orange Orb

20yrs ago in on a beach in South East Ireland one November evening with my girlfriend at the time a red/orange object appeared from behind the cliffs moving horizontally not much faster than walking pace. The light was very bright like a flare,but obviously not a flare because flares don’t move slowly horizontally and stop.The object moved into the open maybe 50 to 100ft above us and stopped.It remained motionless for several minutes and made absolutely no sound,at this point we got concerned and then it blinked out.We started to walk away and it reappeared again,im not ashamed to say we ran.As we made our way to my car it remained there definitely looking at us.Up to that point i had no interest in the phenomenon but all that has changed.  I regret running that evening,if it ever happens again i’ll be staying put! (posted as a test from original on forum)