Salinas, California Diamond-Shaped UFO

This event occurred in 2011, November 23rd around 7:15pm (Salinas, CA.) It was already dark.

I had just parked and exited my car and was walking towards my house when I looked across our residential street.

There, floating about 50 feet or so above a neighbor’s house directly across the street from me, was a large, diamond shaped object with a horizontal line through the middle and lights in at least two of the corners.

It appeared to be about the size of a standard two car garage or maybe larger, it was hard to tell. It was space grey in color, self illuminated and made no sound whatsoever. I stared at it for about 5-10 seconds or even more trying to understand what it was. I was not frightened and I may have even mentally sent a greeting but there was no reaction or response from the object that I can recall.

Here’s the really “strange” part:

I had my iPhone with me and decided I should try and get a picture or video of this thing…but then I had the thought that there wasn’t time, and that the picture wouldn’t come out because it was too dark and so I put my phone away. That decision or thought not to try doesn’t make much sense given how close it was. I should have at least tried and I probably stood a fair chance of capturing something in the image. I can’t tell you why I made that decision. Was it my own?

Looking back, the whole experience has a dream like quality to it….it doesn’t feel like a standard memory – yet I know it happened just as I am describing it to you. It was absolutly “real” and it is too bad no one else was with me at the time to verify.

Obviously I was fully awake, having just driven and exited my car seconds earlier. I now believe this dream like quality may be a side effect of some kind of time distortion generated by the object although I was not aware of any “missing time” after the sighting. Some UFO experiencers have talked about an event like this happening in multiple dimensions simultaneously…so perhaps my physical brain wasn’t actually fully “present” during the entire encounter which would explain the strange dream like quality of what should be a very, very strong memory.

Anyways to get back to the story, I next decided to try and get back in my car to see if I could get closer to it and see it from another angle, so I tried driving around the block but the object was gone. That was the end of the encounter.

I’m completely baffled by the experience. Even though the object certainly appeared to me to be a physical structure I’ve recently begun considering the possibility that it was more of an energetic structure or marker of some kind. I think it now more as a spiritual event but that’s not to say it wasn’t physical also.

I’ve searched the MUFON CMS database for similar diamond shaped craft but can’t find any matching reports. (When I say diamond shaped I mean that the “front” of the craft was facing me, not laying flat like the more often reported triangle shaped craft seen flying through the sky that are reported.) If you think of two triangles joined together to form a diamond shape, you will have the basic idea including the horizontal line.


(I did make a drawing of it a few days after and if I can post it somewhere and link to it here I will if that’s of interest to anyone) After getting in my car the second time and not finding the object I drove to my local Starbucks and described what I saw but of course I got the “you must be crazy” kind of look (even my own father didn’t believe me when I told him about it later that evening but that’s not too surprising as he is one not to believe in anything outside of “normal.” )

However, one of the Starbucks Barristas said that earlier that same evening, while he and his girlfriend were driving towards work – his girlfriend saw one or two strange purple things in the sky that she couldn’t identify. (note: graphic by author)