I was 11, or maybe 12 years old, that means it was around the year ’94. I lived back then in Santiago, Chile, in a house near to a park where me and my friends used to play soccer very often. One day, while we were just playing and kicking the ball the highest we could, we realized that right above us was this silver thing…just there, not moving. It was round and not very high, we could see clearly a metallic kind of material that reflected the light of the sun on its surface. We just stood there, a bit afraid, but without moving an inch. It must have been like a minute or less of that, both the kids and the object just paralyzed. But then, as if it was just enough of that, the silver thing began moving towards the south, slowly at first and then picking up more speed. We began running behind it, or we tried to, but in 5 minutes it was just gone over the mountains. All the kids present that day were left with this weird feeling of awe and excitement. We all knew we saw something unique that would forever be remembered.

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