213. Free Show: Donna Walker

FullSizeRenderAlejandro with the UFO Updates, and guest Donna Walker has a fascinating story, goes into detail of family experiences, as well as an interesting conversation about the Betty & Barney Hill Case and much more!

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171. Ron Felber

homebg2015Alejandro Rojas with the UFO News, and guest Ron Felber talks about his recent book, Mojave Incident. If truths be told, a couple in 1989 had an amazing encounter. Support us for as little as $2 per month to hear the full show, including a dispute, plus Lee Spiegel on Travis Walton’s upcoming SkyFire Summit, his own encounter and more.

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66. Chris Bledsoe, Sr. The Fayetteville Encounter

cris bUFO News Roundup, then an interesting interview with Chris Bledsoe, Sr. as he discusses the Fayetteville, North Carolina Encounter.


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The “Fire In The Sky” Abduction

by Michael Lauck

            On November 5, 1975 a seven-man work crew prepared to leave their job site in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest near Snowflake, Arizona. Spotting a bright light in the forest they were shocked to come upon a hovering, disc shaped object. Travis Walton got out of the truck to investigate and was struck by some type of beam or ray which knocked him to the ground. Thinking they were in danger, the other men fled. Soon after the men returned but could not find a trace of Walton. Over the next few days many would search the woods, also without finding a trace of the missing woodsman. Near midnight on November 10 a relative received a phone call from Walton, explaining he was hurt and calling from a phone booth at a nearby gas station. Walton was picked up; he was found unshaven and wearing the same clothes he had been wearing when he disappeared. Travis Walton claimed to be unaware that several days had passed. He had memories of his time, supposedly on board the craft, but could only recount his experiences without severe emotional distress while under hypnosis. Walton went on to pass multiple lie detector tests and fail two. He later wrote of the ordeal, which formed the basis for the feature film Fire In The Sky. The Travis Walton case is hailed as one of the best cases of alien abduction by some and as a complete hoax by detractors.

Travis Walton’s Experience

            In 1975 Travis Walton was working for his friend Mike Rogers as part of a crew contracted by the US Forest Service to clear trees and brush in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. In addition to the two friends, the crew consisted of Allen Dalis, John Goulette, Kenneth Peterson, Steve Pierce and Dwayne Smith. As the young men were leaving their job site at approximately 6 PM on November 5, 1975, they spotted a silver, disc shaped object among the trees. According to interviews with Walton, the mysterious object was approximately 90 feet from the crew’s vehicle. It was hovering and glowed in a way that reminded him of molten metal. There was a sound, something like the hum of machinery, coming from the disc.

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Episode 21. Travis Walton

21. Travis WaltonShow Notes: Martin talks one on one with Travis Walton about the abduction event in 1975, details about the craft, & trauma involved as well as debunkers & affects on his daily life.

Visit travis-walton.com

Episode 17. Kathleen Marden, Captured!

Show Notes:  Guest Kathleen Marden, niece of Betty Hill joins Martin for a conversation discussing what it was like behind the scenes of the most noted abduction of all times, The Betty & Barney Hill UFO Experience in September 19, 1961. She also discusses her book Captured, and what is current in her field of investigations. Visit: kathleen-marden.com