Belgian UFO Wave; Part II


by Nathalie Laurent, Belgium 



Sources: Vague d’OVNI sur la Belgique, 1 and 2 (books)
RTBF news (TV)

Date and time: December 5, 1989 17.45-18.00
Location: Ans, Nicolaï Place

Mr. F. Valenzano, weatherman in the Belgian Army, was with his daughter. She was the one to notice what at first she thought to be a plane. Valenzano looked up and saw an object hovering at a pretty low altitude (100-150 meters). It seemed very large and was coming from the direction of the nearby town of Liège. The witnesses could see red and blue lights moving from one side of the object to the other. When it flew directly over them, they noticed 3 3 large white lights pointing to the ground but without lighting the area, nor producing any cones of light despite the misty weather.
The object passed the witnesses and slowly flew around the Nicolaï Place, then passed the witnesses again. Valenzano then noticed a rotating red light at the center of the 3 white lights. This red light seemed to be located lower, as if independent from the main object.
The object moved away. Valenzano could not see the thickness of the object at any moment.

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Blog: The Belgian UFO Wave 1989-1993

nathalie-150x150by Nathalie Laurent, Belgium 

For many, even among UFO enthusiasts, the Belgian UFO wave is often summed up in a few lines: A large triangular object with bright lights flying over Belgium (where’s Belgium anyway?) during the 80-90 winter season. Some military jets chased it with no result.

A closer look shows a more complex story that lasted almost 4 years…with 3 successive waves.

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