291. Free Show: Alejandro Rojas & Mack Maloney

Subscribe to our full two-hour shows for $2 per month or more. Our scheduled guest could not make it, we have Alejandro Rojas filled in for the first part of the show, and Mack Maloney filled in for the second part. Topics vary from the International UFO Congress, to UFO sightings, current events, Ghost Fliers of 1933-34, Ghost Rockets of 1946, The Scareships of 1909 and more!

260. Free Show: Clas Svahn

Alejandro Rojas with the UFO Updates, Clas Svahn talks about Sweden’s UFOs, Ghost Rockets beginning in 1946 to present day, UFOs with related high strangeness, unsolved Sweden cases, and much more. To listen full shows and archived here, or on your media player, please support the show for $2 or more per month by clicking here.

Show Notes

Rare U.S. Interview with Sweedish UFO Researcher, Clas Svahn

Clas Svahn of UFO Sweden makes a rare US appearance on this week’s episode of Podcast UFO to discuss the current state of UFOlogy in his country and the famous ghost rockets of the 1940s.

(Podcast UFO) – The Friday, March 22 episode of Podcast UFO will bring listeners a very special interview with Swedish journalist Clas Svahn. Host Martin Willis will discuss the famous ghost rocket incidents from the post-World War II era with Svahn as well as covering some of the current sightings in the area.

The Swedish ghost rocket sightings of 1946 were an important flap that occurred between the “foo fighters” of World War II and the “flying saucer” ear ushered in by Kenneth Arnold’s 1947 sighting. Although they have been largely forgotten in the United States, they were a major series of sightings with over two hundred incidents involving radar contacts. Early sightings were at night but Svahn states “They started seeing ghost rockets during the day, some had small wings or no wings at all, and they all landed in lakes for some reason.” His group, UFO Sweden, has recently conducted an intensive investigation into the ghost rockets.

In addition to Martin’s discussion with Clas Svahn, the episode will cover the week’s UFO news. Upcoming episodes of Podcast UFO will feature interviews with Grant Cameron and Ryan Sprague.

About Podcast UFO:

Podcast UFO is a weekly audio podcast that brings listeners news and interviews related to unidentified flying saucers. Each show features in-depth conversation today’s most important and interesting UFO researchers, skeptics and experiencers. Produced and hosted by experienced podcaster Martin Willis, the show can be streamed through PodcastUFO.com or youtube.com/user/PodcastUFO as well as subscribed to via iTunes. Podcast UFO can be contacted at martin@podcastufo.com.

Repeat Guest, Clas Svahn

clasClas Svahn is the Chairman of UFO-Sweden, a non-profit founded in 1970. He has been a journalist since 1978. The archives – situated in Norrköping – is one of the largest in Europe and possibly in the world. In the first hour of this interview, we talk about the most interesting UFO cases and reports going back to the famous “ghost rockets” of the 1940’s. Then, we talk about sightings and UFO activity around Scandinavia and discuss Clas’ own sightings. We also talk about the intriguing case of several objects that crashed into different lakes all around Sweden. The Swedish military became involved in the case, calling it “Operation Sea Find”. ~Red Ice Creations