181. James Fox

james-foxRecorded Live 12-16-15, Alejandro Rojas with the news, and James Fox talks about his upcoming movie, 701, and what it was like interviewing incredible witnesses for Out of the Blue, I Know What I saw and more. He further discusses the danger of having UFO evidence, and cases involving close encounters of the third kind, he says his best footage is yet to be released and you can look forward to it in 701 in the next year or two!  For more info, go to the show notes below. If you have not become a supporter for only $2 per month or more, you will really want to for the second part of this interview.

Show Notes

Project Blue Book

Project Blue Book was not the only investigation of unidentified flying objects by the United States military but it was probably the most famous. It was commissioned in 1952 and ceased all operations by January of 1970. Over the life of Project Blue Book several important figures were associated with the study, including Dr. J. Allen Hynek and Captain Edward Ruppelt. After almost two decades of Blue Book investigations the US Air Force collected over 10,000 reports of UFO activity and were able to adequately explain the vast majority.

Before Blue Book

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