247: Free Show: Ryan Sprague

Jordan Boneparte fills in for Alejandro Rojas with the UFO Updates, guest Ryan Sprague checks in from NYC to talk about his book, Somewhere in the Skies, where he explores the human connection to encounters, he also talks about many fascinating cases including a bizarre drive-in movie theater incident and much more. Support the show to listen to full shows, plus the Everything Else Show for only $2 per month or more!

Show Notes

138. Live at the UFO Congress

safe_imageLive in Phoenix, Arizona at the UFO Congress, round robin, Ryan Sprague, Robert Farrell, Alejandro Rojas, Linda Zimmermann, Kathleen Marden, Stanton Friedman, and Travis Walton, don’t forget George in the audience. We all talk about the state of UFOlogy, Bob Lazar, and Kathy Marden talks about her family’s abduction experience. The UFO Congress is hosted by Open Minds and takes place every February in Phoenix Arizona.

86. Aaron Cadieux

IMG_20140212_210140Ryan Sprague joins us from Arizona at the 2014 International UFO Congress and live guest, co-director Aaron Cadieux of the documentary, The Bridgewater Triangle  in studio.




Show Notes

40. Ryan Sprague

179578_931680882165_655582430_nShow Notes: News roundup and then an interesting interview with playwright, UFO journalist and a contributing writer for Open Minds Magazine, Ryan Sprague. Ryan talks about his upcoming play, an adaptation of deep look into the Rendlesham Forest Incident and much more.