289. Free Show: UFO Congress Roundtable

Subscribe to our full two-hour shows for $2 per month or more. Recorded live broadcast roundtable at the International UFO Congress in Phoenix, Arizona.”What would it be like if the Phoenix Lights happened today?”, Nick Pope, Stanton Friedman, Kathleen Marden, Travis Walton, Stephen Bassett, Jennifer Stein, Jason McClellan, Jim Lough, Dr. Bob Gross, Dean Alioto, Yvonne Smith, Heidi Gadd, Kevin Gasman http://ufocongress.com This is a bonus full show.

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190. Live, UFO Congress, Phoenix

2016-IUFOC-Logo1Live recorded round robin at the International UFO Congress in Phoenix, Arizona with Stanton Friedman, Kathleen Marden, Chase Kloetzke, Julie & Sam Maranto, Ben Hansen, Keith Arem, Lee Speigel and Travis Walton.

138. Live at the UFO Congress

safe_imageLive in Phoenix, Arizona at the UFO Congress, round robin, Ryan Sprague, Robert Farrell, Alejandro Rojas, Linda Zimmermann, Kathleen Marden, Stanton Friedman, and Travis Walton, don’t forget George in the audience. We all talk about the state of UFOlogy, Bob Lazar, and Kathy Marden talks about her family’s abduction experience. The UFO Congress is hosted by Open Minds and takes place every February in Phoenix Arizona.

123. Art Campbell

Art1Alejandro Rojas joins us live and connects us to Travis Walton, at the abduction event location 39 years to the day. The guest, longtime researcher, Art Campbell discusses his research and site excavation of the San Agustin UFO Crash. He further talks about lab testing of unusual, artifacts that he thinks may be extraterrestrial.

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68. Steve Pierce

Steve+Pierce+AngleFirst, a check-in with Don Schmitt on the recent claims of the “newly found Roswell slides” of an alien, then an interview with Steve Pierce, a witness to the Travis Walton incident. Steve talks about his years of struggle dealing with the event since the young age of 17.

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The “Fire In The Sky” Abduction

by Michael Lauck

            On November 5, 1975 a seven-man work crew prepared to leave their job site in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest near Snowflake, Arizona. Spotting a bright light in the forest they were shocked to come upon a hovering, disc shaped object. Travis Walton got out of the truck to investigate and was struck by some type of beam or ray which knocked him to the ground. Thinking they were in danger, the other men fled. Soon after the men returned but could not find a trace of Walton. Over the next few days many would search the woods, also without finding a trace of the missing woodsman. Near midnight on November 10 a relative received a phone call from Walton, explaining he was hurt and calling from a phone booth at a nearby gas station. Walton was picked up; he was found unshaven and wearing the same clothes he had been wearing when he disappeared. Travis Walton claimed to be unaware that several days had passed. He had memories of his time, supposedly on board the craft, but could only recount his experiences without severe emotional distress while under hypnosis. Walton went on to pass multiple lie detector tests and fail two. He later wrote of the ordeal, which formed the basis for the feature film Fire In The Sky. The Travis Walton case is hailed as one of the best cases of alien abduction by some and as a complete hoax by detractors.

Travis Walton’s Experience

            In 1975 Travis Walton was working for his friend Mike Rogers as part of a crew contracted by the US Forest Service to clear trees and brush in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. In addition to the two friends, the crew consisted of Allen Dalis, John Goulette, Kenneth Peterson, Steve Pierce and Dwayne Smith. As the young men were leaving their job site at approximately 6 PM on November 5, 1975, they spotted a silver, disc shaped object among the trees. According to interviews with Walton, the mysterious object was approximately 90 feet from the crew’s vehicle. It was hovering and glowed in a way that reminded him of molten metal. There was a sound, something like the hum of machinery, coming from the disc.

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Show Notes, Travis Walton Interview, Episode 21.

Listen to podcast here.


Martin Willis: I’m in Gorham, Maine with Travis Walton. Hi you doing, Travis?


Travis Walton: Hi! How you doing?


Martin: Great! Thanks so much for – I’ve been wanting to have you on this show, and I am absolutely thrilled because I was speaking with Kathleen Marden, who was in an earlier podcast, and saying the two most documented cases that I know of: your case and also Betty and Barney Hill, so I’m absolutely thrilled to have met you here, today. You’ve told your story, would you guess, probably 10,000 times?


Travis: Oh, many, many times. I don’t have have an estimate, at all, but it’s a lot but –


Martin: Yeah, so we’re going all the way back to, what was it? November 5th, 1975, if I remember?


Travis: Yes, it was a Wednesday: November 5th, 1975.


Martin: Yeah, and I’m sure that 99% of the listeners that listen to my show know your story, but if –  just – I am listened to all of over the world, now. I can see that through the analytics of my site, so if you can just give a really quick recap for the person who, perhaps, doesn’t know you story.


Travis: November 5th, 1975 I was working in the woods with a group of 6 other men and headed home at night. We saw a glowing object hovering near the road. I got out to take a closer look. I was hit by a bolt of energy from that craft and the rest of the crew took off in fear and reported it to the Sheriff and they were, basically, suspected of  murdering me and making up a cover story for why I was no longer around and I regained consciousness onboard the craft and it was a very traumatic experience. I was returned to the town nearest where it happened where I could go and get help, and I called my family and they came and got me, and at that point, it was just a matter of dealing with the reaction to the report, not just mine. It was worldwide news by the time I was returned.


Martin: Now, and it total – of course it’s totally changed your life and I’ve heard you say, in other interviews, that if you could do it all over again and that be a minus factor in your life that’s how you’d really like it.


Travis: Yeah, I’d rather it never happened, but I’ve got to go with the way things have fallen together and that’s the way it is.


Martin: Now, how many lie detector tests have been taken that –

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Episode 21. Travis Walton

21. Travis WaltonShow Notes: Martin talks one on one with Travis Walton about the abduction event in 1975, details about the craft, & trauma involved as well as debunkers & affects on his daily life.

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