130. Frank Feschino, Jr

frankandmayOne week left to our iPad Mini Contest, Alejandro with the news, and Frank Feschino, Jr joins us for Christmas Eve with the Flatwoods Monster,  Frank discusses the 1952 UFO Flap, Air Force shoot downs, the Flatwoods Monster and what followed.

Show Notes

Blog: The Braxton County Incident

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by Michael Lauck

            On September 12, 1952 a group of children playing outside in Braxton County, West Virgina saw something fall from the sky and impact (or land) behind a nearby hill. As they went to see exactly what it was they were joined by others, including one of their mothers. The group found a mist enshrouded, glowing object. Then some became aware that some type of secondary object, possibly a lifeform, was nearby. This “monster” encounter, as it was known, was reported widely leading to investigations by Ivan T. Sanderson, Gray Barker and others as well as an appearance by some of the eyewitnesses on a national television program. The show used a sketch artist to create a picture of the “monster,” which arguably caused the entire episode and its witnesses to become objects of ridicule.

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