148. Story Musgrave

banner-right-img-3394-1Alejandro Rojas with the UFO News, but first guest, Shuttle astronaut, Story Musgrave talks about his thoughts on UFOs, his experience deep in the government, and seeing no evidence of cover-ups. He believes there has to be interstellar travelers and shares other thoughts about us and the cosmos. Peter Slattery joins us through hour two to talk about his sightings and lots more.

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Blog: Today is Hubble Space Telescope & Socorro Incident Anniversary

by Martin Willis


Although one has little to do with the other, we are celebrating two anniversaries today.

Socorro’s 51st

It’s the 51st anniversary of the Socorro incident with Lonnie Zamora, and our last guest Ray Stanford spoke about this in our podcast the other day. I believe this particular case will go down in history as one that is very credible, as it was very well documented at the time by Ray himself and others. Read more here. 

Hubble’s 25th

It’s the 25th anniversary of the launching of the Hubble Space Telescope. With all of all the thousands of images that this orbiting telescope has brought to us, it’s one of the most important pieces of hardware we’ve ever created as far as space exploration is concerned. Read more

147. Ray Stanford

Ray Stanford on CNN (Edt)Alejandro Rojas with the news, and Ray Stanford talks about various amazing UFO phenomena footage with various scientific implications that peaked Dr Leik Myrabo interest that may change space travel and more.
Support the show to listen to a great segment with Ray talking about Socorro 51 years ago, plus the scientists interested in his findings and who the next guardian of his material could be. Get his book through the:

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146. David Marler

david-marlerRyan Sprague fills in to talk about a FOIA request on the Tehran Incident, and David Marler joins us to talk about triangle UFOs, and more. In the second half, by subscription only, David talks about a major incident that occurred in January 5, 2000 nearby where he used to live, involving police officers and more. He later describes an upcoming project for preserving UFO documents. You can contact David at:


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145. Dr. Leo Sprinkle

hqdefaultAlejandro Rojas with the news, then guest Dr. Leo Sprinkle talks about his two sightings, his vast career and the thousands of cases he has looked into. You can support the show for as little as $1 per month to listen to hour two, he talks about free energy, abductees, and J Allen Hynek and more.



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144. Terry Ray

511fgmGFdbL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_Alejandro Rojas with the latest UFO news, guest Terry Ray talks about being an Air Force Pilot, his early childhood sighting, and his new book The Worldwide Invasion of Orange Orbs plus more. Make sure you check out his book on Amazon and read the show notes below.



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143. Chip Reichenthal

chippara__largeChip Reichenthal sits in with the news, and talks about his UFO sightings, paranormal work, quantum physics, ghosts and more! Hour TWO supporter’s only  with Rob Mercer on found Project Blue Book files, pictures, films and more bought off of Craigslist! Check out his website here.


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Blog: UFOs and Comic Books

cf2bf9ea-34af-4f23-b724-e5fe46fdc9cd-1by michael lauck

Usually when you hear “UFOs” and “comic books” in the same sentence, there is some type of insult being thrown. Maybe it is the local news anchor leading off a sighting report with “it may sound like the stuff of comic books” or skeptics saying that comic books provide the basis for imagined encounters. I personally do not cringe when I hear these things said, though, because I read some of my first true UFO stories in comic books. Read more

142. Thomas Wertman

Tom-Wertman-Rossford-Public-LibraryNews with Alejandro Rojas, then Thomas Wertman on Ohio MUFON, and some interesting cases he investigated and more. Subscribe for only $1 per month or more to hear the full show, Chip Reichenthal in hour two, a sighting, hypnotherapy and more.


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141. Thom Reed

Thom-Reed-ftrAlejandro Rojas with the latest UFO News, Thom Reed talks about the Reed Family Abduction case being inducted into the Great Barrington Historical Society, and in hour two (by subscription only) Randal Nickerson on Ariel School Phenomenon. and a UFO sighting account by Walt.


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