Show Notes: Marc D’Antonio, What would Aliens Be Like?

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On location at Marc D’Antonio’s studio and new Observatory! We will talk about the possibility of alien life and what that would mean and a lot more! Join in chat!

Marc D’Antonio is the chief photo and video analyst for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). Marc has been involved with MUFON since 1971 and has a vast amount of experience investigating UFO cases. He is also the owner of FX Models where they work on CGI and physical models for the entertainment industry as well as defense contractors among others. It was in this line of work that Marc began working with motion picture special effects guru Doug Trumbull, who it turns out also has an interest in UFOs. We get an update from Marc on a project he and Trumbull are working on called UFOTOG. This project intends to build units that scan the sky with cameras and other sensors to gather large amounts of data, beside just pictures or video, during UFO sightings. We also talked to Marc about his recent appearances on several UFO related television programs.

235. Free Show: Marc D’Antonio

UFO Updates with Alejandro Rojas and guest Marc D’Antonio discusses videos and photos he has analyzed over the years, his USO encounter, planets, possible moon occupation, Mars, astronomy and more. Listen to full shows on your media player or right here for only $2 per month or more.

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176. Marc D’Antonio

IMG_1209Recorded Live 11-11-15, on location at Marc D’Antonio’s FX-Models studio, Alejandro Rojas joins us for the latest UFO news, then Marc speaks about UFOTOG’s science based remote detection platters, MUFON photo/video cases and more.  Support the show to listen to the second half of the show is all about astronomy questions and not UFO related.

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124. Doug Trumbull & Marc D’Antonio

Douglas-Trumbull-photo-5501420141018_124340Announcement of show changes, Alejandro Rojas talks about UFO news, our guests are: Academy Award winner, Doug Trumbull who joins us with Marc D’Antonio to speak about the UFOTOG II Project and much more.

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101. Marc D’Antonio, MUFON’s Photo/Video Analyst

Marc DAndy with an astronomy clip, and guest Astronomer, Marc D’Antonio talks about his work as the Chief Video/Photo Analyst for MUFON, plus his on experience of a close encounter of a USO while aboard a submarine, as well as much more in the extended version of the live show.


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73. Marc D’Antonio

IMG_20131026_121921UFO News roundup along with Peggy, then an interview with Marc D’Antonio, who is an astronomer and MUFON’s Chief Photo/Video Analyst discussing mostly exoplanets.

Marc’s website:

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