129. Robert Salas

maxresdefaultCheck the Show Notes for a contest to win iPad, Alejandro Rojas with the news and guest Robert Salas talks about what it was like when a glowing red UFO took down nukes in 1967 and more. Check out Roberts website with his latest book: spiralgalaxy.org

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122. David Pares

1- dave-qpr_1UFO News with Alejandro Rojas, and guest David Pares discusses a revolutionary Space Warp theory that may be able to send us to the stars. Check out his website, and the IndieGoGo.


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Show Notes, Robert Schroeder, 61.

profil pmsMichael could not make it this week, so our Facebook page Queen, Peggy Shunning recorded for a few minutes. We talked about how our near 6,000 people on our Facebook page do not have a clue we are a podcast. If you are reading this and you are one of our page “Likes”, thank you… we appreciate you and realize you are smart enough to get here. I state in the show that no one seems to be able to get past the pretty pictures that Peggy posts so hardly anyone clicks on associated links.

An Amazing Science Experiment

Peggy posted the following and look at the results:

stupid people Read more